how to respond to bet in text , where can you bet on sports

How do you respond to bet?

The commonly used word ‘bet’ can also mean ‘for sure’ “Bet” is now used as a positive, laidback synonym for “OK.” For example, if someone asks if you’re coming to dinner later, you might simply respond by nodding and saying, “Bet.”Apr 26, 2019

What does it mean when a guy says bet?

“Bet” is used when you’re in agreement with something. If someone makes plans and you say “bet,” that means you are confirming said plan.Feb 6, 2019

What does it mean to reply bet?

Bet! Bet is a slang term of affirmation, agreement, or approval along the lines of “Cool!” or “I’m down!” It can also suggest doubt or disbelief: “Yeah, sure.”Jan 22, 2020

What does BET stand for in texting?

“Bet” means “okay,” and is often used to agree with someone. For example, if someone asked, “Can we go to the pool tomorrow afternoon,” their friend might reply with “Bet!”

Can you bet on sports anywhere?

Is it legal to bet on sports online? Yes, but it depends on where you are located. Legal sports betting can be done online in many of the states mentioned above. You do not have to be a resident of a state to bet there, but you do need to be physically located within the state to place a legal online sports bet.Jun 2, 2022

Where is it legal to bet on sports in the US?

Current Online Sports Betting Situation in the USA Right now, full-on sports betting is available legally in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, and more states (see our map above to check your home state).

Where can I place online sports bets?

Best Sports Betting Site for Bonuses & Promotions: DraftKings. DraftKings offers the best overall sports betting bonuses among legal US sportsbooks. DraftKings consistently offers a first deposit bonus worth up to $1,000 across all markets in which they operate.Jun 1, 2022

How do I place bet online?

To place a bet form a bookie’s website or app, choose one of the best sports to bet on and click on a betting market that you would like to punt on. Choose an outcome that you would like to back. You will see that your chosen outcome will appear on the bet slip, at the right-hand side of your screen.

How to put a bet on sports bet?

Once inside the bet slip, we can enter our stake and click “Place Bet”. You will then be asked to confirm your bet is correct, once satisfied it is, you can finalise the bet by clicking “Confirm Bet”. Once the bet is placed you will receive confirmation within the bet slip.

Can I play bet online?

Placing Your Online Wagers Just open the betting website, log in, and check what markets are available. Here are the betting options you’ll find at most sportsbooks online. Make sure that you carefully explore all of the opportunities at your disposal.

What horse is favored to win the Ky Derby?

Epicenter (+356) opens as the favorite to win the 2022 Kentucky Derby. He joins Zendon (+394), Messier (+800) and Mo Donegal (+900) as the only horses in the 20-participant field with odds of 10-1 or better. The longest odds of the Derby belong to the No.7 may 2022

What should I bet on for the Kentucky Derby?

Bet the favorites Favorites win 35% of the time in the Kentucky Derby, a success rate that more or less holds true for all other North American horse races. Bet on every favorite over the course of 12 races, and you’ll likely pick four or five winners, sufficient to make you a handicapping hero.

What horse is favored to win the 2021 Derby?

As we saw last year when we nailed the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit ($26.20) as well as the exacta at whopping odds of 251-1, horses that are forwardly placed from the start have done extremely well in this race.6 may 2022

What horse is most likely to win the Kentucky Derby this year?

Preview, Predictions Now, Epicenter and Taiba have the best odds to win. Epicenter has been among the shortest lines all week, and that isn’t a surprise. He’s finished in the top two in each of his past six races, a stretch that includes five victories.6 may 2022

How do I get my free 25 spins on Paddy Power?

On any slot game between Monday at 00.01 and Sunday at 23.59 of the same week and you will be credited 25 free spins the following Monday. On any slot game between Monday at 00.01 and Sunday at 23.59 of the same week and you will be credited with a €5 free bet the following Monday.

How often do you get free bets on Paddy Power?

When will I get my prize? All free bets and Power Up’s will be credited the next Monday after your qualifying week. Free bets and Power Up’s will be credited by 12pm. Free bets will be available to use on any market for 7 days after it has been credited.

How much should you bet on blackjack?

In short, a typical blackjack range of bets is $10 to $10,000 per hand. There’s a little wiggle room there – you may only find $20 – $5,000, or you may find $5 – $20,000 or whatever. But I’d say the typical large casino blackjack game accepts between $10 and $10,000.Dec 6, 2021

When should you bet in blackjack?

It is best to hit when holding a hand of 10 or 12-16, and stand on anything 17 and over. An ace gives you a good chance of making 21 with a hit. When a dealer has a seven, eight or nine card it is impossible for them to make a blackjack, so your chances increase.

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